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Free Netflix Account With Email & Password [100% Working Trick] | NETFLIX PREMIUM ACCOUNT FOR FREE
Free Netflix Account With Email & Password [100% Working Trick] | NETFLIX PREMIUM ACCOUNT FOR FREE

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Free Netflix Account With Email & Password [100% Working Trick] | NETFLIX PREMIUM ACCOUNT FOR FREE

Man can be so neutral, I never even thought in my dream.  In the past week, we had spent some intimate moments, weaved some dreams, vowed to live together in Sukhukh, was that all a lie?

 When Daddy came to know, he also came.  I could not even see his sad face.  How much effort, how happily did the relationship last, just for a week?

 "Divakarji, you try to understand Manuj.  This disease is not a terrible disease, I tell you the truth, no one has this disease here on my side nor on the mother's side.  So, if you try, it can be okay, "Daddy said while begging.

 "Brother, I will try my best, but you know the new generation, it always does its own mind," my father-in-law said while comforting Daddy.

 I returned to my home with Daddy. In this way, all the happiness and sorrows had fallen in my region in a week.  What will happen to this life?  This question was emerging in mind.  My mother had become sad after my return.  Daddy now used to return home late.  Probably no one was daring to look at each other.

 I did not want to study university.  After failing the premedical examination 2 times, once again the decision to appear in the premedical examination was welcomed by all.  While filling the examination form, seeing the word Kumari in front of the name, mother and daddy got upset, but, brother Ranjan raised his voice in support, said, "All right.  How long will it take to lift that relationship like a corpse? "

 A month later, Manuja sent a notice for divorce through his lawyer.  The mother-in-law refused to sign, but I said in a firm voice, "The husband is related to the mind and soul.  If the mind is not unified then what is the benefit of tying the knot in the broken door, "and signed the paper.

 There was no enthusiasm nor wave in life.  Did not want to be a burden on anyone.  So, being successful in premadical became the first and last goal.  The time was short.  Concentrated the mind in studies.  The examination took place and the results were out.  Among the successful contestants, I blossomed to see my name.

 The sad faces of MummyDaddy were once again reflected in happiness and I had found my destination.

 Completed 5 years of studies.  I was first among girls.  Appointment to government service due to merit.  If you had served the patients throughout the day, there would have been different types of enjoyment.  Sometimes it seems that life was for a second time.  I was born for this only.  Sometimes comparing himself with Florence Nightingale, sometimes with the Jaune of Arc, in the mind, the fog would disappear in a moment and step on the duty itself would start moving.

 One day, while watching the patients sitting in the hospital, a couple entered the room.  I was shocked to see that couple, but kept the change on my face as far as possible.

 "Say, what trouble do you have?" I asked being normal.

 "You check these.  There is difficulty in walking, there is swelling in the feet as well, ”the young man said.

 "Come on," I said getting up and taking the girl to the next room and did a full checkup and then said, "There is no problem, they have high blood pressure."  This is why there is swelling in the feet.  I am writing medicine, I will give it on time.  Keep checking up every 15 days continuously till you have a child. "

 "Yes, doctor."

 "Name?" I asked while writing the medicine paper.

 "Richa Sharma," answered the young woman.

While writing the name on the screen, don't know why the hand was shaken.  Wrote some medicines and tonic.  Along with some instructions too.  They both got up and left, but there was a stir in the heart.  That day, I was anxious all day.  Repeatedly, he started scolding.  The thing I had left behind, why was it again making me restless.  I took out the photo from the cupboard which was taken on the second day of marriage.  I woke up to see, 'Why have you come to stir my quiet life.  I did not ask for anything from you.  If you refused to follow along, then I made my own way.  Why did you come again in this way?  How much sacrifice and sacrifice do you want? ”The night passed in turmoil, restless.  Woke up in the morning, because of waking up overnight, eyes were clouded.  There was no desire to go to the hospital, but still prepared thinking that the mind remains calm after being busy with work.

 When Manuj was awaited outside the room in the hospital, Kadam stumbled.  But, acting to be comfortable, ignoring them, went to her room and sat on the chair.  Manuj too came behind me.

 "Excuse me, you are Tanuja, aren't you?" He asked in stuttering words.

 "Why, do you have any doubt?" I asked looking intently.

 "I have done harsh treatment and injustice to you, which I have never forgotten.  Since seeing you yesterday, I am burning in the fire of repentance.  Forgive me, Tanu. "

 "Not Tanu, say Kumari Tanuja and you see the plate of my name outside," I said in a formless pose.  "How is your wife's health now?  Take care of them and if possible you will get the test done after every 15 days, "I rang the bell saying," Send the patients in, "said the instructor to the peon.

 "Well, I go, Tanu," Manuja said looking earnestly towards me.

 "Not Tanu, Kumari Tanuja," I said with a strong emphasis on the word Kumari.  And Manuj left with stuttering steps.

 I kept watching.  Is this the person who left me to sink into the limelight?  But why is it so innocent at this time?  Why so pathetic?  Is it just because of my position or is there a shortage in this life?  I started laughing at myself.  What will it be lacking, who has such a lovely wife, position, respect.

 By then, the patients came and dissolved my chain of thought and I got busy with work.

 The past had definitely bruised me, but had also given me unintentional pleasure, because the person who had insulted me, had given me mental anguish, was standing in front of me as innocent and miserable.  What could be more happiness than this?  Another change had come in my life, I could not sleep without seeing the picture which was drawn by both of them with great love on the second day of marriage.  In that picture, his innocent face brought happiness to my self-esteem.  So, now that picture was put in my bedroom.

 Richa kept coming after every 15 days, but could not see that face with him.  The boy was born after 2 months.  He came and demonstrated his gratitude and said, "Tanuji, I am a sinner of you.  But, as a son, you have given inexplicable pleasure by giving gifts.  Perhaps, you do not know that this is my third child of Richa.  The other 2 were engulfed in the cheeks of Kaal before birth. "

 Manuj went away, but revealed the smoldering davanal in my heart to me.  Probably the reason for the untimely death of his former two children was that he had understood his wrong behavior in the past with Tanu, only then has it started to look so innocent.

 After a few days I was transferred from there.  Connection with past  But sometimes my heart beat my own hands.  Then there was a yearning, is this isolation written in my life?  MummyPapa died.  The brother was busy in his home.

 Just how many years passed.  Finding myself as helpless, I adopted an orphaned destitute girl so that I could fill the void of life.  The girl was fast in reading.  Wanted to serve the orphans and destitutes by studying medicine.

 About 5 years ago, pneumonia was admitted to the hospital after suffering from the disease.  It was not known in his innocent blue eyes that the mind was bent on adopting him.  I could not believe it when I was brought home from the orphanage.  Last year, she was selected in the competitive examination of medical and she had to go to Allahabad for studies and I was alone once again.

 Life was playing hide and seek with me.  Sukhukh had become two sides of the same coin.  One day, while sitting in her room, she was writing her memoirs that the servant came and told that a man wants to meet you.  When I came out, he said, "Doctor sir, Sharma's son is very sick.  You go soon. "

He picked up his bag and sat in the car with the unknown man.  On such occasions, there was immense turmoil in the mind while going with the unknown person, but thinking that every man is not bad, then why should any person disbelieve and for what, man should keep doing his duty.  Our duty is with us, his duty with him.  This was my ideology, it was Jeevan Darshan.

 As soon as the car arrived, a man came out of the fast and said, "Doctor sir, you must have suffered, but was forced.  Awaiting has 104 degrees fever. "

 "Come on," we had reached the light by then.

 "Hey Tanu, you."  Oh, sorry Tanujaji, I made a mistake, "Manuj said in a very nervous manner.

 I was also shocked.  Why is this unexpected meeting again in this life?  Could not think.  I asked, "Where is the wait?"

 When he went inside he saw that he was meditating in fever.  Eyes were closed, but some unmistakable sounds were coming out of the mouth.  When I saw the pulse, I saw symptoms of typhoid.  To reduce the intensity of fever, take it out of the medicine bag and feed it.  Other medicines were written on the screen and said, "Get these medicines from the market and to reduce the intensity of fever, put a strip of cold water on the forehead and massage the hands, feet and soles too."

 Manuj took his hands on his lap and caressed him and said in a worried and nervous voice, "Doctor sir, my long-awaited life will not you?"  This is my life  The only capital of my life. "

 After about an hour there was a stir in the closed eyelids and the lips began to bubble, "water… water…"

 Manuja immediately got up and poured water in his mouth with a spoon.  Due to the effect of the drug, he fell asleep after drinking water.

 "Okay, now allow me.  Will call you when necessary, "I said looking at the clock.

 "Let me leave you," said Manuj, picking up my bag.

 It was restless overnight.  I do not know why I was unknowingly attached to the waiting.  The more I tried to run away from her naive and innocent face, the more and closer she would come.  Richa could not see, but could not even dare to ask.

 If the train started to go to the hospital in the morning, then how did the steering turn towards Manuj's house.  When the car parked there, it came to my senses that where it came from unknowingly.  What kind of situation was that, I do not know.  Keeping the curb on the heart, the servant was about to back up that the servant came to run, "Doctor sir, the brother has come to his senses awaited by your grace.  Sir, I am missing you. "

 Had to get down even without wanting to.  Manuj was surprised to see me present there.  He suddenly could not believe that I would come to ask his son's condition without calling.

 How is the wait awaited?  Yesterday I was terrified to see the intensity of his fever.  So, she came to see him, "I said, ignoring the questions on Manuj's face.

 When Manuja introduced me to the long-awaited man, he said, "Doctor aunty, I will be fine, I will read a lot and become a doctor like you."  Then, wearing a white coat like you, putting a stethoscope, I will see sick people. "

 "Good son, get well first, don't talk too much, relax."  Eat medicine on time.  Don't ask anything without asking me.  Okay, I go. "

 "Aunt, you will come again, I can't sleep without seeing you."

 "The great devil has become, he keeps harassing you again and again," Manuj said in a hoarse voice.

 "Never mind, baby," I would say, but indirectly the mind would say, "You are less than you."  You have given the brunt of life. '

 I knew that it was not right for me to go there again and again.  Manuj should not make any wrong sense.  The desire for me was seen emerging in Manuj's eyes.  But my extreme neutrality always bothered him with guilt.  After waiting for me, I stopped going.  Anyway, what was my relationship with Awaiting?  Only a doctor and a patient.  What is the rationale of the doctor when there is no illness.

 One day she was watching her favorite picture 'Bandini' on TV in the evening.  The pain of the heroine, as if it were my own pain, I loved the old emotional pictures.  When she got leisure, she used to watch.  Then the servant came and informed that someone had come.  I went instructing to sit in the patients' checkup room, I was shocked to see Manuj and Pratiksha sitting in front.

 "How are you, son?"  You must have started going to school now? "I said making the tone as soft as possible.

 "Yes, I have started going to school but was very keen to meet you.  Therefore, after insisting he came with Daddy.  Why don't you come doctor aunty to our house now? "

 "Son, you can't find time to care for many sick children like you."

 "If you can't come, can I come to your house in the evening or on a holiday?"

 "Yes, why not" was answered, but would Manuj prefer.

 "Always talks about you even at home, doctor aunt is like this, doctor aunt is like that," Manuj said after stopping a little, "You have made me indebted by giving life to my son.  I will not forget your favor for a lifetime. "

 "That was my duty," Manuj could not muster the courage to say anything else after hearing the short answer from my mouth, when he seemed to have come to say something.  And I could not even ask Richa about it.  Awaited has been ill for so many days.  Why did she not come, why did she not take news of it.

 After that day, the long-awaited meeting started coming to me almost daily.  I spent a lot of time with him.  One day when I asked him about his mother, he said, "Doctor auntie, mother is not missing, I have only seen the picture, but Daddy says that when I was 3 years old, then mother  Was killed.

 The mind was shocked.  He himself rejected one and the other left him.  Nature punished him for his inhuman and inhuman acts.  Now I too was waiting for the wait.  His memory and intelligence was very sharp.  One who would tell once, would not forget.  Seeing any new thing, new thing, would ask childish curiosity about its use and I would also solve his questions if possible.

 The school had a science exhibition.  Awaiting with my help, made a model.  He was very happy to see the model.

He came straight to my house after the exhibition.  I was not feeling well  I was resting in my bedroom.  He came running and shouted happily, "Doctor Aunty, where are you?"  Look, I got the first prize.  And aunt, the governor had inaugurated our exhibition and he gave the award.  You know, I have also photographed with them.  He praised me very much. "While sitting on the bed, he said," Is your health bad? "

 "Looks like a little fever.  will get well.''

 "You take care of everyone but not yourself," only then did she look at the photo kept on the stool.  Raised in his hand, he said, "Aunty, this picture is of Papa, you are also there."  In this, both of you look young.  When and why did you take this picture? "

 What I feared happened, that's why she never brought it to the bedroom.  That photo had become a means of satisfaction to me, so I could not keep it inside even after wishing.  I did not even have any relation with Manuj now, but if I tried to hide the fact, he could never be satisfied and my bright image could get stained in the long run.  So, everything had to be told truthfully.

 Knowing the situation, he was boiled that this Daddy did not do well.  I could not even imagine that Daddy could do this too.  I now go to Daddy and ask for an answer to why did he do this to you?  Will I leave me if I get sick?  He was determined to leave.  I held her hand, "Son, I never asked anyone for anything.  Let me walk as I am on the walkway, at the last stage, do not hurt my feelings, my beliefs, my false self-esteem and say nothing to anyone, ”he said, once again tears dripping before him.

 "I will not say anything to anyone, mother, but I will try to get justice for you," he said. He walked out of the room with determination and firm steps.

 But the word 'mother' came out of his mouth, resonating in the atmosphere even after he was gone, making him feel his presence, how was that address… that voice, his whole consciousness… the whole existence lost in just one word  went.  The fascination that was broken years ago, was getting stuck in it… how is this bond?  How is this relationship?  Unanswered questions were repeatedly hit in the interior.

Enchantment Trap Part2

In the same way that happiness was filled in Tanu's bag, it was also snuffed out in one stroke.  But with her morale, she became a support for her life.  Then what happened today that while walking on his endless path, his steps started to falter?

"Tanu son, go and get ready."  Those people must have come, "the mother said in a loving voice.  "Mother, how many times have I said that I will not marry.  I do not like the formality of watching and showing.  Mother, even if this relationship is done, will I be able to live a happy married life?  Whenever they come to know that I am suffering from a serious illness, will they give me… ”I said in a trembling voice.

 "Son, you have created confusion in your mind that you have a serious illness.  Due to pollution, one in every 10 people is suffering from this disease.  Asthma disease is not incurable today.  Disease can be controlled by proper eating, nutrition and use of appropriate medicines.  Many skilled and successful people have also been found to suffer from this disease.  Excess stress, anger increase the intensity of this disease.  Nobody has this disease in our family, then why do you suffer from inferiority? ”The mother said while explaining.

 "Why don't you tell them about this disease," I said while trying to be comfortable.

 "You don't know, daughter, your daddy mentioned this in 1-2 places, but after hearing of the disease, the boys made some excuse and stopped the moving thing in the middle," helpless posture.  I spoke to my mother.

 "But mother, it would be deceit with them."

 "Son, sometimes in life, we have to make some compromises, which we are trying to do." With a long breath, the mother said again, "With whom will you cut such a big life?  As long as we are people, it is okay, how long will the brothers support?  If not for myself, son cooperate with us for the sake of me and my daddy.  Go, go and get ready, "the mother said tearfully.

 I opened my mouth to say something, but seeing the tears in my mother's eyes, the words coming out of my lips stuck to my lips.  Reluctantly I agreed.  The mind was saying that cheating someone is a crime.  The matter of the mind remained in the mind.  Brother Ranjan came and told that those people have come.  Mother and Daddy rush to the reception.  How did it last 2 hours, I did not know.  Manuj looked extremely attractive, cheerful and sociable.  It did not seem that we are meeting for the first time.  For the first time, the desire to get someone as a life partner woke up in the mind.

 Those people left, but there was turmoil in my mind.  Will they accept me  Even if accepted, how long will the bond tied to the raw door last?

 After 2 days, when we received information about accepting the relationship on the phone, then there was a festival-like happiness in the house without a festival.  Daddy said, "I knew the relationship would be settled here."  Manuj is such a good and happy boy. "

 But I was not happy.  Transparency is extremely important in this relationship of Janamjanam, so, after getting the address, secretly put a letter in the name of Manuj.  Started waiting for an answer with a throbbing heart.

 One week passed, 2 weeks passed, even the third passed.  There was no reply to his letter.  Manuj's huge personality seemed to be hollow.  The dreams started falling apart that one day when she returned from the college, there was a pink envelope with 3-4 letters in the door latch.  His future was captured in this envelope.  Happiness is coming in life or darkness, a small piece of paper will decide.  Could not dare to open the letter and read it.

Mother went to the kitty party today.  So, removing the key from the bag opened the lock.  Droplets of sweat were seen on the forehead even in the bitter cold.  Spontaneously opened the letter.  wrote :

 ‘Lovely tanu,

 My life will be blessed by receiving you as a life partner.  You are exactly what I imagined. '

 Suddenly many types of flowers bloomed in the mind, life came out without the spring.  Spreading colored colors all around, started making Tanman colorful.  I had also answered his letter.

 Within 2 months, I got married to Manuj, considering the fire as a witness between Vedic mantras.  Walked on the endless path of life with the kasmevadas of living together in misery.  At the time of farewell, mother was in a bad condition  While walking, she spoke to Manuja, "Son, my daughter is a delicate mole, my daughter, if there is a mistake, forgive me as a minor."

 My eyes were crying but the mind was eager to jump on the new path with new aspirations.  While coming to Faizabad from Kanpur, Manuj had taken my hand in her hand and was gently stroking me, and I was unable to see eye to eye even if I wanted to.  How is this bond… In the unknown journey suddenly Tanman's integration with the unknown Rahi, if not love and affinity, what else.

 The in-laws were very welcome.  Mother-in-law was stepsister, but she felt very seductive and soft.  Some said that he is earning a son, that is why his daughter-in-law is so entertained.  Hearing this, the gentle nature of the mother-in-law's mother-in-law had a streak of sorrow on her face, but only after a moment, like the idolless idol, each person would get taken care of.

 Nand Sneha also used to roam back and forth throughout the day saying Bhabhi Bhabhi.  Sometimes I urged for breakfast, sometimes I wanted to eat.  Introducing each incoming person as well.  Manuj too would spend more time in the room under the pretext of some work.  A friend would say, "He went to work."  If this is the situation from now on then what will happen next? ”The mind had begun to wish, I wish the time had stopped, and in this way always keep my heart full of laughter.

 Walking for the whole week continued.  It was scheduled to go to Ooty after 2 days.  Late at night, we came to eat from Manuj's integral friend's house.  It is not known if the cold has occurred or wakes up in the morning due to the irregularity of eating.

 ''Wow?  How did you breathe?  Did it happen before too? "Seeing me in trouble, Shiva Manuran asked.

 "I wrote a letter to you about my illness," I said while addressing the question.

 "Letter, which letter?"  There was no mention of the disease in your letter. "

 It felt like the earth was spinning.  Did they not get my letter?  After receiving the letter from them, I kept thinking that with my lack, they accepted me.  Tension and anxiety led to panic.  Opened the purse and took the medicine, but knew that the intensity of the disease would decrease after 2-3 days.  The inhaler used as a medicine was not brought due to shame and hesitation.  If anyone sees and asks, what will I answer?

 Taking the disease, he took it home.  I was shocked to see the rage of these.  After all, a mistake was made on our behalf.  Hiding the disease proved to be terrible.  My written letter could not reach them due to the mess of the postal and telegraph department.

"Son, no disease is incurable in today's time.  We will get the daughter-in-law treated.  Why do you worry? "Sassoor said while explaining Manuj.

 "Dad, I can't live with this."  I had sought a virtuous and healthy life partner and not a patient.  Will I keep this dead body for a lifetime?  If this is the situation now, what will happen next? ”He said in a bitter posture.

 "Papa, brother are rightly saying," Sneha, my sister-in-law said while supporting her brother.

 ''you shut up.  Now be small, marriage is not a child's play that can be broken, "the father-in-law said scolding Sneha.

 "I am returning to my work tomorrow only." Agitated to say something, Manuj left the house, silencing his father.

 Distraught with Manu's words, the mother-in-law came to me.  Wiping the tears flowing from my eyes with her face, she said, "Don't be afraid, daughter, everything will be alright."  Stupid boy, does not even understand that the disease can happen to anyone at any time.  Because of this, a sacred relationship like marriage cannot be broken.  Yes, it is certain that Rajendra Bhaisahab should not have hidden in relation to the disease. "

 "Manji, Mummipapa must have hidden, but I had written everything to him.  After receiving the letter of these, I understood that they have not taken my illness seriously, otherwise I do not marry, "I used to say, crying in hiding on the floor.

 Doctors also came.  Seeing the intensity of the disease, gave injections and also wrote medicine.  The intensity of the disease was beginning to decrease, but the mind became a bit strange after hearing of his departure.  After leaving all the shame, he said to Sasuji, "Mummy, can't they talk to me once, only once?"

 Sasumaan also requested Manuj, but no result was found.  On the way, I also came out with everyone. They touched the feet of mother and father, loved the sister and went towards me with neglected eyes.  When Sasumaan put his hand on my shoulder giving comfort, I spoke in a feverish voice, "Mother, what will happen to me?"

Enchantment Trap Part1

Teacher's Day is celebrated every year on 5 September in India.  5 September is the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a great teacher and philosopher from India.  He made significant contribution in the field of education.  Therefore, Teacher's Day is celebrated in honor of all teachers.  Today we are sharing with you the biography of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

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After reading Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's life introduction, you will get answers to many questions like: - Who was Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan?  Why is Teacher's Day celebrated on 5 September itself?  Or why we celebrate Teacher's Day?  How and when did teacher's day begin?  e.t.c.

 Also, if you need a speech for the teacher to speak on the occasion of Teacher's Day, then you can go to the article below and choose Teachers Day Speech in Hindi as per your requirement.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's life introduction - Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Biography in Hindi

 Who was Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan?  Biography of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan in Hindi, life introduction of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, information about Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, parents of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, wife and child of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, when and where Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was born, Dr.  When did Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan die?  Birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 5 September Teacher's Day 2019.

 Dr Sarvepalli radhakrishnan biography in hindi, Dr Sarvepalli radhakrishnan ki jivani, Dr Sarvepalli radhakrishnan ka jeevan parichay, Dr Sarvepalli radhakrishnan ke bare me jankari, Biography of Dr Sarvepalli radhakrishnan in hindi, about Dr.  Sarvepalli Radhakrsihnan.

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 About Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan:

 Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was an Indian philosopher and politician who served as the president of the nation from 1962 to 1967.  Prior to this, he served as India's first Vice President from 1952 to 1962.

 A teacher by profession, he ventured into politics much later in life.  His birthday, 5 September, is celebrated as Teachers' Day in India.

 He was born on 5 September 1888 in a Telugu Brahmin family in Tiruttani, Madras Presidency, British India.  His father's name was Sarvepalli Veeraswamy and his mother's name was Sitamma.

 He was very much interested in education since childhood.

 He received his education in Tiruttani from k v high school in 1896 before going to the Hermannsburg Evangelical Lutheran Mission School in Tirupati.

 As a good student, he earned several scholarships.  He attended Voorhees College in Vellore for some time before going to Madras Christian College at the age of 17 years.

 He studied philosophy and received his master's degree in 1906.  He started an academic career and in 1909 joined the Philosophy Department at Madras Presidency College.

 He went to the University of Mysore in 1918 where he attended Maharaja College.

 When he was 16 years old, he arranged an marriage with a distant cousin, Sivakamu.  The couple had six children, a son and 5 daughters.  His wife died in 1956 after 51 years of marriage.

 He was elected as the first Vice President of India in 1952 during the tenures of President Rajendra Prasad and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

 He was also elected as the second President of India in 1962 and retired from politics after five years.

 In 1954, he was awarded the Bharat Ratna Award in India.

 He was an outstanding teacher.  His birthday is celebrated as Teachers' Day in India from September 5, 1962, the year he became the President.

 In honor of his belief that "teachers should have the best minds in the country".

 In 1968 he became the first person to receive a Sahitya Akademi Fellowship, the highest award given by Sahitya Akademi to a litterateur.

 He died on 17 April 1975 at the age of 86.

 Shortly before his death in 1975, he was awarded the Templeton Prize for advocating nonviolence and calling for a universal reality of God that has gained love and knowledge for all people.

Actually, Radhakrishnan's behavior was very friendly with his students, his students wanted to celebrate his birthday.  So Radhakrishnan said,

 "If his birthday is celebrated as Teacher's Day instead of his birthday, his birthday is dedicated to all the teachers, then he will be more happy."

 Since then, Teachers' Day is celebrated every year on 5 September in India (Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's birthday).  All teachers are respected, students give love and respect to their teacher in their own style.  All teachers are honored on this day.

 Teacher's day is a great opportunity for students to thank their teachers.  On this day teachers feel proud, they feel that their birthday is beneficial and society needs them.


 The life of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is inspiring to all, we hope that, by the biography of Dr. Sarvepalliradhakrishnan, you would have come to know a lot about Radhakrishnan ji.

 If you want poetry or speech on his birthday i.e. Teacher's Day, then go to the article below.

Biography of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan